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Welcome To Northview Girls Lacrosse!……….2015 will be the year of Girls' Titan Lacrosse


Welcome to the 2014-2015 Northview Girls' Lacrosse Website.
This website's content has been significantly updated.  
Please take the time to look around,
to find information about our upcoming season,
pre-season preparation and activities, new coaching staff,
plans for 2015, and resources and information about girls' lacrosse.
For feedback on the website, or questions about Northview Girls' Lacrosse, 
please contact us though the Contact Us link on the left.  
If you would like to receive email communications about upcoming training and tryouts and preparation for the season, please add yourself to our email list, through the Join Our Email List link on the left.
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Buy 2014-2015 NAA Booster Passes
Student/Grandparent Pass - $55
Adult Pass - $90
2 adults/1 student - $210
only before 8/31
Booster Passes cannot be purchased after Thanksgiving